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¿Qué es la evidencia científica?

Este término está ganando popularidad, pero … ¿A qué se refiere realmente? Más allá de lo que pueda parecer, el concepto es complejo, pues no se corresponde con el significado más usado de la palabra “evidencia”.

Create your Own Organic Garden

We all like to be surrounded by greenery at home. Plants fill our environment with aromas and colour, and improve its quality. They 're very grateful beings: the more you look after them, the better they’ll grow and the more colourful they’ll be. Besides, from time to time, many of them will give you gifts as flowers, fruits and vegetables. Creating an urban garden can be a good way to spend time with your family and teach young children about care, consistency and collaborative work. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s also a great responsibility.
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Write Life in Four Letters

A C G T. With these four letters you can write the book of life. All the instructions a cell needs to work, all we are and a lot of what we’ll be is a 6 trillion letter code, figuratively, A C G T.

Games to Develop Empathy

The professor of the Physical and Sports Education Area of the UMH Alba Roldán proposes a game the whole family can play at home while keeping social distancing. With a simple exercise, you can start to empathize with people who have a visual disability. Would you be able to overcome the challenge?